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BS03 Double Sides Abrasive Sponge Blocks

Technical Specifications




Aluminium Oxide

Double Sided Abrasive sanding sponge blocks is coated on two sides with Aluminum Oxide abrasive. It is suitable for the fine grinding of corners, door seam, wheel hub and other curved parts. It can be used wet or dry sanding.



Buffing pads are the superior applicator for buffing out dings and scratches, fxing surfaces, removing defects. These pads are made with durable open cell foam, which improves the airflow between the pad and the surface. Their wafle or spider-cut design holds the polish better and reduces swirl marks.

Art. No. Diameter Grit Box Number
BS0398121060 98mm*120mm*10mm 60 100
BS0398121080 98mm*120mm*10mm 80 100
BS03981210120 98mm*120mm*10mm 120 100
BS03981210180 98mm*120mm*10mm 180 100
BS03981210240 98mm*120mm*10mm 240 100
BS03981210320 98mm*120mm*10mm 320 100