Introduction of 17×54 inches Sanding Belt

High quality alumina and zirconia sanding belts are ideal for woodworking, metalworking and general manufacturing. It is available in a variety of particle sizes to meet all grinding needs from cutting to finishing. These sanding belts are well suited for use on many different surfaces to complement their already wide range of applications. Ideal for use on time-saving machines or other automatic polishing sanders. These sands are 17 “wide and 54″ long and are suitable for North State DW-16P open broadband sander, DW-16RP and Powermatic 1632 open broadband sander.


1. What is sanding belt?

The sanding belt is essential equipment used in metal cutting or machining industries. Sanding belts have taken the hard work out of wood and metalwork & allow users to perform huge amounts of sanding and grinding without even beginning to break a sweat.


2. Which abrasive material is most frequently used in sanding belt?

Aluminium Oxide is one of the most cost-effective and versatile sand belt materials available. You can use it on almost any surface, including wood, aluminum, stainless steel, steel, and composite materials. Our quality cloth-lined alumina belts are made with a mixture of polyester and cotton, which means these belts can operate in any wet or dry application. If you want to know if OPEN COAT or CLOSED COAT is right for your application, we recommend that you strongly ask the question: Are you sanding very soft wood? 95% of the time we find the answer is no… In this case, you should choose the CLOSED COAT. The closed coating has 25% more surface particles than the open coated sanding belt, which means your sanding belt will last longer! For all metalworking applications, you will also always choose closed coatings!

3. What is the good choice for heavy duty cutting and long life?


Zirconia belt is an excellent choice for heavy duty cutting and long life. If you are looking for a coarser belt grit that can do some heavy lifting and can be done quickly, you may be best suited for zirconia, which comes in 24 grit, 36 grit, 40 grit, 50 grit, 60 grit, 80 grit, 100 grit, and 120 grit. Although we don’t have all of these sand grains on our website, you can contact us here: and we can customize any size belt for you. While many people think zirconia can only be used on metals like aluminum or stainless steel, zirconia is actually very common in woodworking, and you need a durable, long-lasting conveyor to quickly remove rough work from surfaces.


4. What should you notice when choosing sanding belts?

Above all, sanding belts are used in a wide variety of applications on time-saving machines or other automatic polishing sanders. While making the right choice, you must take into consideration all the factors such as grit sizes, types of grain you need,  and perfect backing material.