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Super Sanding Disc

Founded in 2002, BINIC Abrasive Sandingpaper manufacturer, sandpaper supplier has been committed to offering best sanding disc, sandpaper, sanding sponge. We are one of the best China sandpaper supplier. We manufacture and customize abrasive andrelated products for automotive OEM’ s, after market renishing and collision & repairindustries. We are dedicated to offer efcient and one stop solutions to automotive industry. Binic is an cutting disc and coated abrasive sandpaper supplier in China, carabrasive is the brand of it, it main covers our products for  sanding disc, sandpaper, sanding sponge, non woven and accessories. click to know HOW TO PLACE ORDER ON BINIC ABRASIVE SANDING DISC?

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Sanding Sponge/Foam

Sanding sponges are foam sponges which are impregnated with grit of various sizes, allowing people to use the sponges as to smooth various surfaces. Sanding blocks made of froth with rough surfaces of various abrasive grains. They are equivalent to sandpaper. Sanding wipes and squares are compelling for sanding in corners or strange surfaces to which sandpaper won’t adjust. A sanding square or wipe allows the client to apply more strain the hard way, which can bring about a further developed completion. Click to know what a sanding sponge is and how to use it.

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Non Woven

A non-woven abrasive is a three-dimensional fiber web in which resin balls and abrasives are embedded in the fiber network. Typically, the fibers are nylon or other synthetic materials. Abrasive types can range from silicon carbide to alumina or ceramic alumina. Non-woven materials are converted into sanding belts, sanding discs, and flap discs to suit a wide range of power tools. They are used in a variety of settings from kitchens to shipyards; removing stains and oxidation, preparing surfaces and polishing finishes.Click to know what a non woven abrasive pad is.

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For inexperienced enthusiasts, having to choose among the many abrasive tools and products available on the market can be confusing.  In this category, you can select sanding block, backing pad and multi-hole backing pad which suited your needs. Binic Hand Sanding Blocks are specially designed for sanding by hand in combination with Binic’ s sanding products. Besides, you can also read this article to help you choose right sanding tool.

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Abrasive Paper

Carabrasive is a top abrasives manufacturer in the world of woodworking, sandpaper for metal, sandpaper for car paint ,etc. Our product is used for glossy, polished, smooth, level, finished and shaped wood. It can also be used in several other materials such as metals, plastics, etc. Do you know the grains, grit, tools of sandpaper? Click to know how to choose the right sand paper.

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About Us

BSP tools is a group company started its operation in 2001 with manufacturingand exporting of abrasive products,including sub-companies named BSP tools(Kunshan), BSP tools (Taizhou) and BINIC industrial (Shanghai) .BSP tools (Taizhou)specializes in R&D and production of abrasive wheels and coated abrasive,especially for automotive market. We manufacture and customize abrasive andrelated products for automotive OEM’s, after market renishing and collision & repairindustries. We are dedicated to offer efcient and one stop solutions to automotiveindustry.After more than 20 years development,BSP TOOLS was built as one ofthe top suppliers of abrasive discs and diamond tools in China. Our products areshipped to more than 150 clients in 59 different countries. BSP is our brand for allabrasives and diamond tools products with high quality and reputation in the market!

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Sanding is an essential part of any DIY or professional project that involves woodwork, metalwork, or automotive work. It’s a process that involves the use of abrasive materials, such as sandpaper, to remove any surface imperfections, smooth rough surfaces, or prepare surfaces for painting, staining, or varnishing. Sanding…

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