What’s The Industrial Non-Woven Sheets?

Non-woven sheets is a common consumable in our daily life. It has the function of cleaning and washing. In fact, not only in daily life, Non-woven sheets is also an indispensable good helper in industrial production. Today, Binic abrasive will introduce the performance and application range of industrial scouring pads, hoping to help you.

How Is The Industrial Non-Woven Sheets Made?

Industrial non-woven abrasive are non-woven abrasive products. So how is the industrial Non-woven sheets made? Simply speaking, the industrial Non-woven sheets is formed by using a special fiber material as the base material, and then bonding the selected mineral sand grains to the base material. The industrial Non-woven sheets abrasive material with a certain mesh structure has particularly good flexibility. Industrial Non-woven sheets has a unique open mesh three-dimensional structure. It is this special structure that makes it elastic, cold cutting, anti-clogging, water and oil resistance, strong self-sharpening, and can effectively prevent excessive cutting and scratching. It can damage the surface of the workpiece, and the elastic fibers can make the grinding ore always adhere to the working surface of the workpiece of various shapes, which can achieve the effect that traditional grinding materials cannot achieve.

Features Of Industrial Non-Woven Sheets :

  1. Its fiber material can make the surface treatment effect uniform, smooth and beautiful.
  2. TheNon-woven abrasive padshas a large gap, which can prevent clogging and has a long service life.
  3. The fiber material makes it more elastic, and can process workpieces of different shapes without changing the appearance size of the workpiece.
  4. The material of Non-woven sheetsis relatively soft, which is especially suitable for processing irregular workpieces.
  5. During the processing, the working environment of non-woven sheetsis low dust and no noise, which is more safe and comfortable.
  6. The material design of Non-woven sheetsmakes it resistant to both water and oil.
    Applications Of Industrial Non-Woven Sheets :

Industrial non-woven sanding sheets are widely used in metal and woodworking lacquer treatment, with functions such as deburring, cleaning, polishing, etc., and can also perform high-quality decorative line treatment on the surface of processed workpieces.

At present, the most commonly used ones on the market are green Non-woven sheets and red Non-woven sheets, which are mainly used in the grinding of stainless steel products. There are two main ways of use: one is to cut into sheets, rub by hand and add water to wipe out the brightness and remove oily dirt; the other is to make a conversion product such as a flying wing wheel, pull out the line pattern, throw out the brightness, polish the welding spot, welding wait.


With the continuous improvement of the market’s requirements for the surface quality of industrial products, the application of industrial scouring pads has become more and more extensive, and the types and materials of industrial scouring pads have become more and more abundant. We hope this article can help you, if you have any abrasive needs, you can ask us, we have more than 20 years of experience in the abrasive and are very professional.