What Is The Polishing Foam Pad ?

Polishing foam pads can be divided into abrasive polishing pads and non-abrasive polishing pads according to whether they contain abrasives; different by material can be divided into polyurethane polishing pads, non-woven polishing pads and composite polishing pads; different by surface structure can be roughly divided into flat type, grid type and spiral line type.

What Are The Skills And Methods Of Car Polishing Abrasive Selection?

The material of abrasive is important to determine the characteristics of abrasive, water-based, oil-based, neutral abrasive; selection of materials, different polishing discs, different cars, different processes; master the speed of polishing machine, pressure and moving speed.

First of all, judge the paint, judge the thickness and hardness of the German, American and Japanese car paint.

  • German, Europe and the United States car paint harder, clear coat layer thickness of 60um
  • Domestic, Japanese paint clear coat layer thickness of only 45um
  • Water-based abrasive cutting force is small, but and wool disc just right, completely throw off the scratches without covering up
  • Oil-based abrasives, sponge plate polishing, heating up quickly, covering function
  • Neutral abrasives are oily when used, not easy to set wax.

Car Polishing Method Steps:

  1. Clean the entire paint surface of the car. Clean the whole vehicle with special vehicle cleaning foam until the surface is clean.
  2. Use coarse or fine wax, polish with the help of polishing machine to throw away the defects on the paint surface and reveal the new paint.
  3. After polishing, wash off all the wax on the car paint, then the polishing effect comes out and it is very transparent and smooth to touch.
  4. After washing the car, let the body water dry, then finish the whole car carefully with car wax. After ten minutes, wait for the wax to be completely absorbed, then carefully wipe the body, that is, to complete the entire construction process.

Car Polishing Precautions:

  • Pay attention to different polishing positions, do not wear through the car paint; cover the front glass with a large towel, the wax will stick to the wiper when polishing, it is difficult to clean
  • Pay attention to the angle and self-protection skills when polishing, don’t let the residual wax fly to the face, especially the eyes.



The Purpose Of Car Polishing

It is to obtain the shine of the car paint. It serves to eliminate minor scratches produced during polishing, to deal with minor damage and stains of the car paint, such as spots formed by acid rain, and to make preparations for restoration waxing with cement, lime, and paint spots. As can be seen from the purpose and role of polishing, the polishing agent used in polishing is also – a kind of abrasive containing friction material, but much finer.