What Is Non-Woven Abrasive Pads?

A non-woven abrasive is a three-dimensional fiber web in which resin balls and abrasives are embedded in the fiber network. Typically, the fibers are nylon or other synthetic materials. Abrasive types can range from silicon carbide to alumina or ceramic alumina. Non-woven materials are converted into sanding belts, sanding discs, and flap discs to suit a wide range of power tools.

Due to the three-dimensional structure, the finish is determined by grade rather than grain size, and use a series of coarse grains to determine the grade. Thinner grades provide a smoother finish, while coarser grades are good for cutting heavy dirt and debris for finishing.

One of the tools we love to use in our projects is often overlooked in various shops. We’re talking about non-woven abrasive pads, and they can be used to enhance almost any finishing or restoration project. They are used in a variety of settings from kitchens to shipyards; removing stains and oxidation, preparing surfaces and polishing finishes.

Rust Removal Made Easy

Non-woven abrasive pads can be used to dry, clean with water or oil-based lubricants, or remove oxidation. Unlike steel wool, non-woven abrasive pads don’t rust, so plumbers and plumbers can use them repeatedly from jobsite to jobsite. These pads are durable and ideal for creating a clean surface at bond lines during operations such as soldering.

Cleaning Copper Pipes

These pads are easy to cut to size and shape as needed, making them ideal for tight spaces or use with a variety of power sanding tools. This makes them invaluable for plumbers to remove oxidation inside and outside sweaty joints.

Refined Finish

Woodworkers and finishers use non-woven abrasive pads to polish the surface before finishing and finish the finish between coats. Auto and marine refinishers can remove old paint and prepare it for refinishing with an abrasive level, and by using a non-woven pad instead of steel wool, they don’t have to worry about leaving behind fine metal fibers that can ruin the finish.

Final Thoughts

We offer 6″x9″ non-woven sanding disc in coarse, medium and fine abrasive grades as well as non-abrasive versions for polishing. This array of options makes it easy for you to choose the right Grit for the task at hand. Whether your job requires cleaning, removal of rust and oxidation, or surface preparation for surface preparation, our non-woven abrasive pads will help you achieve the results you need quickly and efficiently.