What are the non-woven abrasives and their advantages?

Binic Abrasive produces Non-woven abrasives for the customer. We have different sizes (150*230mm,225*275mm) and grits (240,400,1000) for choosing. It is widely used in the DIY and professional market.

Introduced BINIC non-woven abrasive, made of high-quality materials, with the best performance, long service life, an excellent experience. This BINIC non-woven abrasive is very durable. These abrasive materials are non-woven multi-purpose abrasive wear pads, equivalent to 3M Scotch brick hand pads. These wear pads can be easily cut and serve as alternative steel wool, or other non-woven pads. They are not blocked, provide consistent surface treatment, and can be used with water or solvent. These non-woven abrasives are perfect for rust removal, cleaning, finishing, and polishing metal surfaces. With high flexibility, it requires a variety of cleaning, mixing, finishing, and polishing applications. Designed for general cleaning of all types of black and nonferrous metals, light removal burr, mixing, and satin finishing. Binary non-woven abrasive.

Non-woven Abrasive features: high quality nonwoven synthetic ribbon; silicon carbide or alumina abrasive particles; durable and durable; Should be washable and reusable; easy to cut; not blocked; can be used with water or solvent, and have different colors and roughness for different applications.

Advantages of Non-woven Abrasive: perfect for processing; low noise, good health; good brightness; easy operation; quick heat dissipation, blockage-free; flexible, washable, and reusable.

Applications: Replacement for steel wool for heavy-duty cleaning and preparation of the metal surface and bases for painting.

BINIC is our own brand product line, providing you with a wide variety of high-quality, high-value products, to provide you with more choices. Every part of each BINIC abrasive product has been tested by strict industry standards and is trusted by engineers around the world; only if we have confidence in their superior quality can they be recognized by BINIC, which means you can also be confident.