What Are The Features Of Stearate Coated Paper?

Stearate coated abrasive for dry grinding applications. BINIC has excellent deburring performance, uniform scratch pattern, long service life and excellent grain adhesion. The backing is made of a soft, latex-impregnated paper, which is ideal for sanding profiles. The sandpaper has high-quality alumina particles that are bonded to the resin on the strong latex support paper. These sandpapers can resist load, moisture and heat, and are very suitable for use on drywall, ferrous metals, fiberglass, metal, non-ferrous metals, paint, plastic, PVC, steel, and wood. All of these multifunctional papers are sharp, durable and flexible, allowing for fast cutting, long life and consistent finish.


The base paper is latex paper or kraft paper, and the white special stearate super coating can prevent clogging and static electricity. And we are mainly used to polish wood and painted surfaces, as well as non-ferrous metals and aluminum alloy products. The high-quality aluminum stearate coating and the open coating structure are smooth and prevent clogging. Long-lasting performance and fast removal rate, can be used for finishing car body and wood, only used in dry conditions. The resin forms a strong bonding layer on the resin structure, which is heat-resistant and moisture-proof. The cloth backing is durable and flexible for working. Our highest quality industrial papers provide superior durability in all applications. Various grit sandpapers are suitable for a wide range of sanding and finishing applications

Characteristics of Stearate Coated Paper:

  • Economic industry products
  • Strong grinding force
  • Good blockage resistance
  • High flexibility, the same quality as japanese products
  • Environmental protection
  • Top coating
  • Prevent blocking
  • Completely solve blockage resistance
  • Prolong life by 30% -50%
  • Prolong service life and improve work efficiency


Material of Stearate Coated Paper :

  • Alumina abrasive
  • Carbon backing

Application of Stearate Coated Paper:

  • Polishing of wood,
  • Furniture and paint finish,
  • Polishing of high-end products (auto accessories, furniture, aluminum and magnesium alloy, etc.).


Stearate Coated Paper Packaging Method:

  • 50 pieces / plastic bag
  • 10 pieces / plastic bag + top color card.