What Are Fiber Discs Used For?

Fiber discs are designed for long life, high stock removal and cold cutting action. Their backings are made of vulcanized fibers coated with a resin binder and abrasive particles on the “commercial side”. Resin fiber discs are widely used discs ideal for general purpose applications ranging from heavy cutting to mixing, sanding and polishing, rust and paint removal, and deburring. Additionally, these fiber discs are available in a variety of grits to help with different surface finishes. For example, when using 320 grit sandpaper, the material gets an ultra-fine finish. However, if you want a rough finish, such as when grinding large volumes of wood and rounding corners, you will need to use 80-grit sandpaper. In terms of abrasive particles, fiber discs are commonly used alumina, silicon carbide, zirconia and ceramics.

Resin fiber grinding wheels are the most classic grinding and finishing products. Grinding fiber discs are available in different types and sizes, allowing you to choose according to your grinding needs. Binic Abrasive Industry Co.,Ltd offers the industry’s leading brands of grinding wheels. Fiber grinding wheels from Binic Abrasive Industry Co.,Ltd are the highest performing, long life fiber grinding wheels with excellent performance and fast removal rates.

Familiar With Resin Fiber Discs:

Resin fibre discs are strong flat discs with a fibre layer – used as a backing. The fibers are coated with resin, which will help minimize problems when sanding or finishing the material – for example, particle peeling or loading.

What is the use of fiber disc:

When looking for heavy stock removal, fiber discs are for you. Fiber discs come in different grits, however, they only have one layer of grit, which shortens its life and usage. Once the disc no longer has sharp edges, it’s time to get a new one.

Which disc is right for you:

Zirconia or ceramic materials have self-sharpening abrasive grains when choosing which discs to buy – making for a cleaner/cooler cut.

Things to Consider When Using Resin Fiber Discs:

When using resin fiber discs, try not to apply too much force to one area for too long. If you’re working on a larger surface, try using actions such as sweeping to avoid staying in an area for too long. Another thing to consider is airflow. Using something to create airflow between the disc and the spare pad will help with heat dissipation. The reason you want to avoid heating/overheating is that it can damage the surface you’re working on, while also shortening the life of the disc.