What Are Color Abrasive Paper Sheets/Rolls Used For?

The Application Of Color Abrasive Paper Sheets

Use the color abrasive paper subsidized by way of C-D-E paper. The backing is electrosprayed and completely bonded with the white alumina grit to the resin, so it has a protracted provider life. It’s far designed for popular-reason system sanding of wood in orbital sanders (which include ½-slice sanders and palm sanders), in addition to heavy-duty abrasives for manual sanding, and paint coaching in the ornament industry. Suitable for floor sanding, reducing static load, wide belt, getting rid of sanding dust, clogging of the postponed belt and no burning marks.

sanding paper

Those volumes are very suitable for traders and regular customers. The coarse grade could be very powerful for fast casting off old paint or processing hard surfaces. The coolest grade is used to gain an easy end. Grinding and polishing the complex floor of steel and chrome steel, cast iron products, wood, putting off surface rust, paint finish, burrs and welds, making the finishing manner greater perfect.


The Application Of Color Abrasive Paper Rolls

Color abrasive paper rolls is a sandpaper used for guide and mechanical sanding of timber, fillers, paints, varnishes and metals. The burden of the paper liner is C or D, which makes it heavy sufficient for the gadget to use, however, if the paper is folded in 1/2, the coarser sand has a tends to crack-this is not very bendy. This is the most popular desire for painters and decorators who like greater rigid panels.

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  • White alumina yellow sandpaper, C-D-E paper backing
  • White alumina white sandpaper, E/C back paper
  • White alumina green sandpaper, D paper backing.


Color Abrasive Paper Sheets/Rolls are ideal for hand sand grinding and using electric tools and their materials have white alumina and CDE backing.

  • Use: wood products dry grinding and polishing, paint putty correction grinding, wood products paint removal, iron rust removal.
  • Suitable for the following materials: metal, fiberglass, paint, plastic, steel and wood.