Technical Specifications




Silicon Carbide


Knitted fabric on foam




Binic foam abrasive disc for scuff sanding blend panels, texture matching orange peel and removing fine grade sand scratches prior to paint blending on adiacent panels.


BINIC Foam Disc is designed for professional automotive body-shop finishing. This is an open-grit abrasive tissue with foam support, it maintain durability and excellent performance even in wet environment.

These BS12 SILICON CARBIDE FOAM DISC offer premium silicon carbide grains that are resin on resin bonded for extended life and superior performance, all at a competitive price point. The silicon carbide sandpaper rolls are constructed using extra heavy F-weight paper for superior durability and a high degree of tear resistance for the most aggressive sanding situations. These sanding drum rolls are extremely flexible and also quick cutting thanks to its superior sharp silicon carbide abrasive grains. Due to its consistent effectiveness at an attractive price point, these drum floor sanding rolls are extremely popular in the rental market. These drum sander rolls are also very popular with professional contractors within the woodworking and flooring industries, and provide a degree of convenience as they may be cut to size using a template to match the particular floor sanding drum machine being used.

Product Features:
•    Highest quality Silicon Carbide grains
•    Extra heavy F-weight paper backing
•    Resin on resin bond
•    Consistent performance throughout life
•    Popular in the rental market

Art. No. Diameter Grit Holes Box number
BS1261000 150mm 1000 No hole/Multi-hole 100
BS1262000 150mm 2000 No hole/Multi-hole 100
BS1262500 150mm 2500 No hole/Multi-hole 100
BS1263000 150mm 3000 No hole/Multi-hole 100
BS1264000 150mm 4000 No hole/Multi-hole 100
BS1265000 150mm 5000 No hole/Multi-hole 100
BS1266000 150mm 6000 No hole/Multi-hole 100