BP13 Silicon Carbide Dry Abrasive Paper

Technical Specifications


Silicon Carbide


15% Latex Paper, A-wt


Resin over resin


Furniture varnishes paint, Instruments, Lacquer, Primer Electronics


BP13 Silicon Carbide Dry Abrasive Paper feature premium silicon carbide abrasive grains on an adhesive backing with resin on resin bond for extended life. Comparatively, these silicon carbide grains offer a consistent, effective performance throughout its lifetime at a competitive price. The adhesive backing on these floor sanding silicon carbide PSA discs is pressure-sensitive, allowing the floor sanding machine pad to be directly placed onto the PSA disc. These PSA floor sanding discs also sport an open coat to help resist against loading, allowing for maximum effectiveness during use without hampering performance, and the coarse grits may be used to remove any mastic or adhesive from concrete surfaces with ease. Industries that commonly use these floor sanding silicon carbide PSA discs include the floor preparation, hardwood flooring and rental industries and they are used with floor sanders/buffers.

Product Features:
•    Highest quality Silicon Carbide grains
•    Extra heavy F-weight paper backing
•    Resin on resin bond
•    Consistent performance throughout life
•    Popular in the rental market

Art. No. Size Grit Box Number
BP13280240 230mm x 280mm 240 100
BP13280320 230mm x 280mm 320 100
BP13280400 230mm x 280mm 400 100
BP13280600 230mm x 280mm 600 100
BP13280800 230mm x 280mm 800 100
BP132801000 230mm x 280mm 1000 100
BP132801200 230mm x 280mm 1200 100
BP132801500 230mm x 280mm 1500 100
BP132802000 230mm x 280mm 2000 100