BNW013 Silicon Carbide Non-Woven Roll

Technical Specifications






Ultra Fine





Aluminium oxide non-woven polish fast and fine,leaving a smooth, finished surface. Suitable for use on a wide variety of materials and for different application.

BNW013 Aluminium Oxide Non-Woven Roll are non-woven multi-purpose abrasive scuff pads. These scuff pads can be cut easily and used as alternatives to steel wool, or other non-woven pads. They are non-clogging, provide a consistent finish and can be used with water or solvents. These abrasive scuff pads are perfect for removing rust, cleaning, finishing and polishing metal surfaces.

Product Features:

• Premium Non-Woven synthetic webbing
• Silicon Carbide or Aluminum Oxide abrasive grains
• Durable and Long Lasting
• Washable and reusable
• Easily Cut
• Non-clogging
• Can be used with water or solvents
• Various of colors and coarseness for different applications
o Pads for Fine Finishing to Coarse Aggressive Stock Removal

Art. No. Size Grade Box Number
BNW013510 125mm*10m Ultra fine Shrink Pack
BNW013525 125mm*25m Ultra fine Shrink Pack
BNW013550 125mm*50m Ultra fine Shrink Pack
BNW013610 150mm*10m Ultra fine Shrink Pack
BNW013625 150mm*25m Ultra fine Shrink Pack
BNW013650 150mm*50m Ultra fine Shrink Pack