How To Use Polishing Brush

Polishing brush Baidu is a very widely used brush product. It is mainly used for deburring and fine grinding of the surface of the parabolic object. It is mainly made of iron wire (steel wire) as a skeleton, with many neatly arranged on it. It consists of thin filaments that extend outward. It consists of thin filaments that extend outward.

The polishing brush can be processed on bench drills, standing drills or lathes or horizontal grinders with appropriate strokes. When processing large and heavy workpieces, it can be stuck on pneumatic drills and electric drills. The rotation speed can be selected within 50-100 rpm depending on the size of the processed parts. The up-and-down movement speed is about 30/min. Generally, it can be moved up and down 8~10 times. Deburring and polishing tool brushes should be carried out while rotating or moving the processing site. It is best to use light lubricating oil during processing and do not use solvents. It should not be used under high temperature, dry, and high speed conditions. The deburring and polishing tool brush is generally 5 to 15% larger in diameter than the processed aperture.

Polishing brush composition
Polishing brushes are generally fixed with iron belts (or stainless steel belts) and iron wires (or stainless steel wires), and are widely used in various types of automatic doors, revolving doors, smooth doors, steel structure doors, and cleaning, cleaning, and dustproofing of machinery and equipment , Seal, etc. The thickness specifications are: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10mm, etc. The hair length and the length of the bar brush are processed as required, and the brush bar can be bent and other special treatments.