How to Use and Storage the Sanding Disc

It is believe that friends who often use sandpaper know that sanding disc pad is used for industrial grinding or polishing. People usually use ceramic sanding disc or sandpaper for car paint. When  This article is about how t use sanding disc and what kind of storage or maintenance should be performed on velcro disc?



How sanding discs work?


First of all, like sandpaper, the grades and specifications of velcro disc (referred to as grit numbers professionally) are different, generally divided into three categories: coarse, medium and fine. The high grit sandpaper means the smoother the surface of the sandpaper and the same to sanding disc. When using velcro disc, you can enclose it in blocks, and then let the sanding side face out, fix it with staples or glue (if you choose glue, be sure to choose good quality, otherwise it will affect the grinding effect). Or you can paste the sanding disc pad with sander machine. Then, apply pressure with both hands. Move the velcro disc back and forth into a linear motion, gradually polish the entire surface of the product you need to polish, and then take a moment to polish the edges and corners at the right time. Dust equipment is sucked away. The whole grinding process is basically over.

We’ve mentioned how to store abrasive tools, after one or several used it, or unsed, it should be stored for reuse. This requires us to carry out special preservation and maintenance of it.

  • Temperature and humidity requirements
  • Hanging
  • Quality inspection

For more information:

1.Temperature and humidity requirements


velcro disc should not be stored in places with large changes in temperature and humidity. The ideal temperature is: 18-220 ° C; The environment will cause a certain degree of mildew to the flocking. Although grinding does not have much impact, it affects the appearance.In addition, the product should be kept in the warehouse, cool, dry and ventilated.




In the past, there were always professionals who would recommend it to everyone that it should be hung for 1-3 days before using velcro disc, in order to prevent bending. However, due to the development of science and technology, including the improvement of our production technology, the basic customers can ignore this process. We use our own special technology to improve the quality of the entire product. When you get the sanding disc pad, you can hang until it is no longer bent.


3.Quality inspection


Customers should also check accordingly when receiving saning disc. Regarding quality inspection, we mainly check the following aspects: appearance inspection, mainly to check whether the joint is flat and firm; whether there are holes, sand lumps, lack of sand, glue spots, wrinkles and other unexpected conditions on the surface; whether the margins are regular and whether there are any Crack, if there is a small crack in the edge, will it affect the polishing effect and use after cutting it off.




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