Do You Know About Film Abrasive Sanding Disc


When choosing the best abrasive product for your sanding job, it’s important to consider the backing, because sandpaper isn’t just use paper backing anymore. It can result in poor and inefficient sanding, a poor finish, and tearing or tearing of the abrasive product if using the wrong type of backing, meaning you’ll spend more time and money getting the job done right.Within each material, there will also be different thicknesses or weights that work best depending on the application. In this article, I will introduce you to film backing and show you a film abrasive sanding disc from Binic.

Advantages Of Film Sanding Disc

  1. More durable than paper
  2. Waterproof and suitable for wet sanding
  3. Strong enough to withstand tearing
  4. Excellent contouring work

The Mylar backing of the film sanding disc is made of a thick plastic sheet that is durable while remaining flexible,tear resistance and flatness enough to match contours without tearing or weakening. To complement the effective abrasive action, the backing can be flexed to help achieve a consistent finish on the profile and offers higher tear resistance than comparable paper products, making it ideal for high production environments. Thin film discs are designed for final dry primed and painted surfaces, varnishes, composites and gel coats to produce an excellent finish without sacrificing cut rate. While film abrasives cost more than paper, they are worth the money if you do a lot of wet grinding (such as in the automotive or metalworking industries) or work on contoured parts like auto parts. Their waterproof properties also make film discs ideal for marine vessel trimming.

Application Of Film Sanding Disc

Excellent for finishing primers, composite materials, wood, wood coatings, scratch resistant clear coats, blend preparation of clears, removal of orange peel, denibbing paint and much more. Mist surface with water for best performance.

Binic provide anti-load coatings for these discs, which improve efficiency and product life by minimizing loading. The abrasive is resin over resin-bonded, supporting the flexibility of the disc without sacrificing durability and reliable performance at high temperatures and pressures. With its uniform mineral coating on a perfectly even surface, Binic Film velcro disc performs better than traditional paper abrasives. The even film surface results in an outstanding finish without deep scratch marks. Additionally, special resin over resin adhesion technology reduces shelling (grit shedding) problems and provides longer working life.