Can I Use Clean and Strip Disc For Paint Removing?

Clean and Strip discs , also name as roloc disc. It is specifically designed to remove rust, coatings and any surface contamination without removing the substrate (steel, stainless steel, plastic and wood), leaving a clean, manageable surface. These discs are made of very strong non-woven fibers and embedded with coarse-grained silicon carbide. This mixture produces sharp and effective abrasive particles with an open structure so no matter what product you’re trying to clean from the surface, it won’t clog.

Features of Clean & Strip discs

Open Mesh Construction Reduces Rework and Lasts Longer

As with traditional china grinding wheel, there is less risk of gouging or cutting to the base metal surface because the open web fibers are specifically designed to remove only the top surface layer. This saves a lot of time and increases your productivity. The open mesh structure provides cooler removal and does not clog, thus maintaining cutting efficiency throughout the life of the disc.

It Is Safer To Use Non-Woven Fibers

Clean & Strip discs can be used with a single disc on an angle grinder or with a grinding wheel on a spindle. It is safer than a wire brush on angle grinder, and it is made of non-woven fibers, so it reduces the risk of injury to others in the workplace due to loose flying leads. Will dissipate heat and help reduce warp, burning and discoloration due to the open web and no-load design.

Application Of Strip And Clean Disc

The application of strip and clean disc is that strip and cleaning discs are made of tough cleaning and peeling material. It is specially designed for surface preparation and cleaning of metal, wood, plastic and stone. Strips and cleaning discs with elasticity that do not damage the surface of the sand body, suitable for abrasive belt joints, deburring of oil pipelines, polishing of ceramic bottoms, depainting of automobile surfaces, etc. Suitable for all kinds of bunnings polisher.

Differnet Types of Clean & Strip discs

The strips and cleaning sanding discs are available in black, blue and purple. It is made of silicon carbide abrasive and nylon injection. Sizes from 4″ to 7″. There are two types: with or without fiberglass backing. Different colors, different features:

  • Black is softer, more flexible and better for shape or light work.
  • Purple is stronger, harder, removes faster and lasts longer.
  • Hardness:purple>blue>black.
  • Durability: Purple>Blue>Black.

The function of clean and strip disc is that purple strip and clean disc are more durable, work faster and more efficiently than other traditional abrasives. It’s sharp and flexible, and won’t get clogged with shavings, so you can keep sanding without any issues. The hardness allows the disc to grind more efficiently and prolong tool life.