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Where Can Using Sponge Blocks Sanding?  

  Binic Abrasive Sponge sanding blocks is made of foam plastic, which has good elasticity and twistability, will not scratch the work piece, and changes according to the shape of the work piece. Grinding…

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How To Make Sandpaper?

There are several varieties of sanding paper and sanding discs available on the market. Some sandpaper is designed for wood, while others are designed for automobiles. There are also hand…

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Do You Know The Different Types Of Sandpaper?

Sandpaper is widely used in mobile phones, cars, and wood products and so on. Secondly, it also plays an important role in the coating construction process .There are different types of sandpaper and generally divided into:…

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How To Sand Carbody by Using My Sandpaper ?

The most prevalent issues while sanding a car are connected to sandpaper grain. Since the automotive industry has many types of sanding applications, the job requires different grits of sandpaper. So,…

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Do You Know About Mesh Sanding Disc?

The mesh sanding disc is generally made of synthetic fiber filament mesh cloth as the matrix, synthetic resin as the binder, and fine-grained abrasives (usually silicon carbide or alumina abrasives) are…

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