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Brief Introduction Of Aluminium Oxide Paper

BINIC 9″ x 11″ sandpaper has high-quality alumina particles, which might be attached to the resin on the hard latex backing paper. These Aluminium Oxide Papers can face up to load, moisture, and warmth, and are very appropriate for use on drywall, ferrous metals, fiberglass, metallic, non-ferrous metals,…

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Choosing the Right Sandpaper

Choosing the right sandpaper for your job is critical to ensuring you get the results you want. Sanding is one of the most important steps in woodworking applications. It is beneficial…

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What Are The Features Of Stearate Coated Paper?

Stearate coated abrasive for dry grinding applications. BINIC has excellent deburring performance, uniform scratch pattern, long service life and excellent grain adhesion. The backing is made of a soft, latex-impregnated paper,…

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