Application of Coated Abrasives in Furniture Industry

The use of coated abrasives is common in modern industry, with a focus in the woodworking market, or use sandpaper for metal and surface treatment market, and automotive industry,especially use sandpaper for car paint.The material of furniture is the foundation, the design is the soul, the craft is the means, and the sanding process is the recreation of wood furniture.

If a piece of wood wants to appear bright and shiny, it frequently requires repeated grinding and sanding. Once the trial installation of the wood furniture is complete, grinding tools like sandpaper, corner grinding machines, sand belt machines, and others are typically used to grind each part individually.

Why do We Need Sanding in Furniture Industry

As the saying goes, “three points carving, seven points grinding.” If there are no grinding steps, as in the colorless picture, polishing makes the image of the carving more vivid, which is important in presenting the beautiful effect of the furniture.

  • On the substrate surface, sanding can remove burrs, floating rust, oil, dust, etc.
  • The painted surface is uneven, and obtaining a smooth surface involves reducing the paint surface’s roughness.
  • The adhesive of the coating can also be improved after grinding if it has weak adhesion.

Currently, there are primarily two types of grinding processes used on furniture: hand sanding and machine grinding. Binic manufacture best sanding discs for wood.

Hand Sanding

Work to accomplish nice things, first sharpen its tool, reasonable selection of various sandpaper thickness, in accordance with various materials and procedures to use various types of sandpaper grinding, double the result with half the work. Three rules that you don’t follow are: don’t use sandpaper with too coarse of a grain, don’t use the same grain size too frequently, and don’t vary the grain size of the sandpaper too often. You can use corse to medium grit sandpaper,then to high grit sandpaper gradual.Here are 5 tips may help you improve wood sanding process when use sanding paper for wood.

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Tip 1

When grinding, hold the sandpaper with your thumb clipped between your four fingers and palm. If you need to polish a significant section of furniture, you use pad square wood strips for grinding along the wood grain;

Tip 2

With the texture of wood, each grinding distance should be long, the force is light and uniform, and must not be worn horizontally and irregularly, otherwise the wood grain will be torn, thus leaving permanent damage to the furniture;

Tip 3

Maintain the original round or square shape to polish, keep the ornamental line straight, and do not bend, break, or deform it when polishing the corners or edges of furniture.

Tip 4

Sand paper in the grinding sand above is easy to fall off, wiping the furniture again may grind off the wood grain, in addition to the grinding dust is also easy to be lodged in the temples, so brush in the dried brush dust whenever you can to get a smooth and smooth surface effect;

Tip 5

Use fillers, such as a thick foam pad or sponge of outsourcing sandpaper, to help with curved surfaces so that the grinding strength is stable and consistent. These fillers may vary your shape to fit the curve of the wood.

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Sanding Machine

The development of contemporary machinery has advanced with the design and usage of sanding equipment, which has a number of benefits including high efficiency, assembly-line operation, reduced labor costs, and other advantages. However, there are still some issues with sanding equipment.

The most dangerous place may leave obvious sand marks, affecting the beauty of the product. The traditional sanding machine is a brush on the surface of the workpiece grinding. The operation method and grinding effect are unsatisfactory, thickness adjustment is not intelligent, easy to destroy the original structure shape.